Monday, November 2, 2009

A New Washing Machine

The washing machine broke too. It couldn't empty the water from the basin and smoke was coming out. Not a good sign. Did I mention no one lived in this house for 5 months? Beware of homes not lived in for 5 months. The washing machine that broke was a front loader. I've always had a top loader so didn't know the benefits a front loader would offer. So I looked it up.

A front loader:

- spins faster, extracting more water so clothes go into the dryer with less water. You're clothes supposedly dry faster while using less energy.

- the clothes tumble much like in a dryer, and because of this, the washing machine does not use as much water. You supposedly use 40% less water than a top load machine. If your water is metered this will equate the price of buying a less expensive top loader.

- cleans better. Because of the tumble action, water supposedly passes through the clothes more often, making them cleaner. Also the tumbling is less harsh on the clothes making them last longer.

- can be stacked with a dryer to conserve space.

The make I have is a Maytag Neptune, apparently the first one. I think it's pretty old. I'm wondering if I should call the Maytag man or just get a new one. Looking at the Maytag site they cost about $1,500. I guess I'll be calling.

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